Street Lessons


Nobody told me
what a gamble life would be
Our path is marked
by either fate or destiny
So roll the dice
tap the vein 
kiss that venomous snake
All but hieroglyphs 
carved into caverns of mind
So nothing really matters

They left out the fact
that we're dying since conception

I see followers pass and fade
Like distant friends in the rearview
Taught to chase paper
not of the fire it stirs
Once ignited can burn bonds
incinerate lives and unfunded trust

Nobody told me 
they're playin' for keeps out here
I found out the hard way
Often times too late
but nobody really wins in the rat race
as we're continually lapped
by a once inhabited Moon
or so it seems as we decay
and wither so soon

Most are too clueless
to be scared
and I'm far too numb
to even care
that the lessons I've learned
we're apart of the curriculum 

So when I wear the noose
to the reaper's ball
I'll save the last dance
for a glimpse beneath
the executioner's mask
for I know it shall be a woman

and she'll look me in the eyes

as she releases the floor