Man is a Rat King

Rat king

Man is but a Rat King
by blood, feces, and dirt

Though they'll make an attempt
to feed you 
a line of shit

But our similarities outweigh 
our differences
in appearance or opinion
lest on the scales of injustice
for to divide is to conquer
is to conceal the truth
that we're one class
one people
to suffer
in a spiritual schoolhouse

and we'll repeat, degrade
without a helping hand
for landmass and language
be not barriers
but extra credit
questions indebted
to those willing to accept
that their televised heroes
and airbrushed idols
are tied by the tails
in a cesspool 
we've created
from elements and waste

It'd take but one quake
A tear in New Madrid
Cut continental divide
Level the playing field

For the meek to inherit

For the meek shall survive

As they always have