The Remake


A rare occurrence

A reoccurrence

Of a moment

In time or

A sequence of events

Seemingly repeating

A feeling

Of having been or

Having done

Something similar, echoes

Of past tense or

Past life

Keeps one aware

That his or her life is

Intertwined with every other

A modern reproduction

Of an old film

With a contemporary

Coat of skins

For soul occupation


Plenty of Fish (Floating Dead)

plenty of fish
I've always been skeptical
about online dating
having never had a problem
in the past
meeting a psychotic
in a bar, single or otherwise
but a friend of mine had boasted
about the many women
he was talking to
on one particular site
He'd even shown me photos
and I must say
some were quite attractive
so I'd decided
to at least browse a couple of profiles

It took less than 5 minutes
when I realized why they were single
They all seem to have
these outrageous demands
and expectations
as if some millionaire model
is going to swoop down
in his private jet
and rescue them
along with their fatherless children
so they can sit on their ass
and watch television
while a maid cleans their filth

I read one whose interests were
"Men's buns" and "Christian Grey"


I've an ass like Howard Stern

Fake bondage films don't interest me

and I live through my heart

Good luck and goodbye