Expiration Inspiration

Kensal Green.1

The only thing we know
about the dead
aside lack of movement
is the inevitability that
sooner or later
we'll join them

All of us

Deeming one life
more valuable than the next
is programmed nonsense that
sadly, most people share

All things hit the ground
and decay eventually
So why not hit it running, living
or at least dreaming of living
before soul-loss
and final sleep

It's a short trip, non-refundable

Don't waste time in meetings
for a job you despise
or in a countless voting booth
or in a court of law (you'll never win)

Strut gallantly
beside the panther
with an air of confidence
reek of truth
washed down with fine wine
alone or in a pack
without a guiding light
in the asphalt jungle
in the city night