Poetry is Art

Still Life, Fast Moving 1956- Dali
A poem is akin
to a painting or a photo
A moment or
Span of time
Extensive or short-lived
Through ink, paint or pixels
Fragmented or framed
In ancient times engraved
Stone tablet, parchment or canvas
Though the artist's style or beliefs
may change, evolve
as he or she lives
and over-stands that
together we encounter
and gain mastery
over the highs and lows
within the cycles
of this,
the human experience

Days of End


For the controlled climate

Of enslavement

As I step out and over

Leaking dead rats

Into wind unbecoming

Sheer necessity for shelter

A place to think, sink

Into empty glasses

Heaping ashtrays

Defragging the hard drive

Bake tracking cookies

For progress, scatter crumbs

For the dogs of industry

In hopes they chew

Through shackled animation

To return to the essence

Of original man