The Users, The Takers, The Phonies

Windmill 001 - Copy
Regardless of where I end up
in my daily wanderings
I feel an overwhelming sense
of being surrounded by them

The users, the takers, the phonies

In a celebrity obsessed society
it can be quite difficult
to know a genuine person
from genuinely being used
by one of them

The users, the takers, the phonies

If not chasing down current fashion
they're probably at home
touching themselves
at the thought of possessing
garments of the stars
who like them
can't be trusted
for unless you have something 
to offer
or benefit them
they have no reason
to keep you around
they despise you
because you're not like them

The users, the takers, the phonies

Trapped and unhappy
in their square prefabricated
drywall lives, begrudging
of a free mind
what they desire but fear

and through time one grows
to love isolation
more precious than a golden calf
...than a silver bullet
...than a diamond eye
...than anything

For only there
can you be yourself
without being judged

by one of them