Daydream Disbeliever

Much of my time is spent
woolgathering these days

Squandered so much 
of my youth 
entertaining others that
somewhere amidst the chaos
I'd almost forgotten
how crucial it is to dream
day or night

and now it seems I've become
as stale as so many
of the others out here
in the illusory world
of buy/sell/trade

My solitude comes
mostly out of being bored
by them and with them

I see more excitement
in shadows moving
across the walls at night
or the dust and debris
they envelope than
in the dying masses
and their dead dreams
of unfiltered lusts
and mass consumption

Am I stepping out tonight?

Only if rations are spent
Otherwise I'll be in seclusion

Stoned and content

Seek No Thing


Safe to assume

At this point in life

So many years behind me,

I don’t share many desires

With the hoi polloi.

In fact,

I have very few.

For life is all around,

Love surrounds

Truth is merely concealed

And with beauty as far-reaching

As eyes can see


…or a soul odyssey beyond

Star-clustered Andromeda,

Bound and gagged daughter

Of the Great Spirit

Step Back Motherfucker


One should never approach me
with useless questions
about wealthy politricksters
and their fraudulent campaigns,
I care not for these things.

Rather, ask if you will
of how a particular composition
of jazz music makes me feel,
or the power of a painting,
or a natural landscape,
or the mystical and often prophetic
words of classic literature
which can often open doors
to new worlds 
and schools of thought.

If you must insist
on invading my space,
don't brag or boast
or act like you know,
just smile, be you
and live for the day.

Perhaps then we can chat
and I may just listen
and not walk away.