Mutant Among the Dead


Walking Dead season 40
Though I was still never given the lead
I would've declined anyways
Voted most likely to be cast as a Melvin

I'm not that lame guy that longs
for responsibility, with the exception
of the soul I harbor
as if protecting an innocent
from a socialist regime

Of course,
I wasn't born with a striking face
though my unfiltered dialogue 
makes many want to strike my face
and by today's standards
that doesn't qualify
as leading man material

But every film needs
an anti-hero against the grain
and every business needs
a custodian, clean shit from drain

Good thing I skipped
my class reunion
They would've seen
their prediction was right

or that the lives they live
are dead wrong

Uneasy Street


Far too quiet, eerily quiet,
driving just after dawn
and the preceding night's riot.

Volatile times like these
one would anticipate
a chain reaction.

A presentiment I’ve had
since returning to New York.
Not entirely due

To cityscape greys
nor the color division within.
Not even unwarranted anger

Could bring about such unease.
More the unknown reaction
of a bitter and confused populace.

Centuries of handcrafted beliefs
Handed down through generations
could cause quite a commotion

If it’s spokesman unsure
or if proven untrue.
Perhaps the actors they begged

Be put into power
have been acting
from the start of the show.