Experiments in Expression


Hello brothers and sisters, 
my latest book is out now
and the kindle will be available soon. 

Jeffrey Charles Naish

Fuck it!


It's unfortunate to have fallen
in love with life 
in the end times, but
I no longer preach the message.
Everyone digs their own grave anyhow
through thought and action.

Tried shoveling dirt back in
and found time's against my spine.

And I've run after illusions
long enough to know that
all hardship, joy and pain
shall wane like hard rain.

And you'll never get back
all that you've put in.

So take chances,
let it ride
and invest in feeling alive.

Day Walker

A used crack pipe is pictured in Vancouver's DTES neighbourhoodA used crack pipe is pictured in Vancouver's DTES neighbourhood

A hooded menace flees

Fruit belt Crack house

Snapping his left hand

Minus can of Skoal

Eyesight for sore eyes

Eyeing open sores

Upon his purple lips

Charred stems and Choy boy

Standard operating procedure

Beyond corner store loosie

Smoke screens, mentholated

Or Black and mild

A simple pleasure

A happy child