Suburbanites Take Flight

Awaken dehydrated
but still have to piss
like a dog overnight in a kennel
awaiting the morning walk.

Sit up to constant sirens.
Equally annoying, out
in the city darkness.
Only fire engines today,
usually police with ambulance
in a close second, racing
to the morgue
and the frozen dead.
Sometimes I pass by them
on route to the grind
and the working dead.

My downtown drive, a descent
into pure warzone.
People are confused, feel cheated
and every street closer
the thick putrid stench
of urine on filth
hangs in the air
like a noxious chemical leak
as it stings the sinus cavities.

After a wasted eight hours
for pennies on the dollar
I reverse the trip
through the sour streets
to my rotting upper apartment.

As I choke down my dinner
I can hear two Pitbulls
ravaging a much smaller dog
outside my window
followed by their keepers
screaming obscenities
over leash laws, vying
to be kings of their foul domain
on this oil-stained dead-end street.

I close the blinds, 
return to the couch and light up,
feelin' good alone in my hood.

So if you're comin' through
don't mind the woodchuck
that resides in the open garage
and try to step over
the discarded condoms, dirty diapers
and dog shit strewn about the yard

...or leave your shoes at the door
with your judgments.

A Long-lasting Stone


A long-lasting stone
My life thus far
So many clouds I've contributed
to the vacant skies
Sharing God's breath
Reaching new highs
Not a potboiler for the soul
An invitation to think
To know that
Most will turn the other cheek
to the sounds of distress
and in the face of adversity
they're but a blemish
or rotting scar, stagnant
upon the face of the Earth
Waiting to be eradicated
Reaching new lows
On a quest to reach the top
Devoid of empathy
Without a release, asphyxiated
without God's breath
No comfort, no peace

Human Enema, Corporate Asshole


It's easy to get caught up
in an easy position
in a mundane job.

I've fallen in with the herd
on several occasions
and I'll tell you,
years disintegrate
before you even realize
precious time was wasted.

Sometimes it takes corporate
just as long to see that
you're not one of them
and that you just don't care
before they regret their decision 
to hire someone real
who refuses to fall in line
with the suck-ups and phonies
with noses up the ass
of anyone with authority
vying to squeeze their desk
up against the corporate prostate.

So they take small steps
to ensure your termination.

Flushed down and out
into the cesspool streets

From where you started.

November Mourning

Frost exterior

Canvasing the windows

Of my car, apartment

Evidence of an Earth-turn

For winter’s worst

Decay and rebirth

As descending dry leaves

Crumble into compost

Like buried human tissue

Worm nourishment

Till Sun-God afterbirth

Spills onto soil

To feed regeneration

For a new golden dawn