Modern man (numbskull)
So programmed with bad division
thinking life so simple
that everyone and everything
can be grouped, categorized
as good or evil and
you'd better choose the right side
or was it the left?
or whichever side
doesn't get you beaten and raped
Better be safe and choose the side
of modern man who
steals electronics during a blackout,
bathing suits during a whiteout
and products to get the grey out
of their hair, their lives
Putting so much effort
into their strange battle against aging
that they forgot how to live
a battle lost to striving
stretching skin, stretching jeans
stretching useless traditions
and bad habits
to pass on to the children
they've left in the street
bred to be the next
modern man or woman
growing up hopeless and bitter
making the same mistakes
generation after generation
learning how to die
before they're dead

The Case of the Exploding Anus


Seems to have become hip
for those who don't drink coffee
but need caffeine in the morning
to suck down so-called "energy drinks",
tall brightly labeled cans
of carbonated corn syrup infused
with caffeine, sugar and enough stimulants
to make one's heart explode
with adolescent names
like Monster and Rock Star

and judging from what I clean
above and below the toilet seats,
these drinks make one hell of a laxative.

Either that or someone has an aerosol can
filled with shit.