Blood and Bone

Give my regards
to broads of the street
Disregard Wall street
Save yourself the agony
Save what little you have
Cut out the middleman
Hedge fund managers need
to be clipped, castrated
For to profit from others suffering
should not be tolerated
Yet slavery and debt
built these metropolitan tombs
built an avarice nation
built upon the backs
of the native people
Swindled into servitude
Stripped of culture
A nation built
on blood and bone
by debt through loan
by all of it

Hot Revenge


My revenge wasn't served cold.

It was quite warm in fact.
From my scrotum
to my penis it came.

And once it left the shaft
and found oxygen, like fire
it seemed to spread everywhere.

A dreadful sight I'm sure,
pants to my ankles, ball-sweat soaking
into the office chairs seat cushion

and my unborn liquefied children
lie everywhere like remnants
of a white phosphorus grenade.

and for the first time
in a long time

I felt good.