Desensitized Drive


The closer you get to the city
things that would normally be strange
or cause for alarm
are quite commonplace. Like today
I passed an abandoned tractor-trailer
that apparently never made
its destination Dollar General
and a fairly new Jeep
left in the road, awkwardly leaning
on the front right axle, a block away
from where they found
a young girl frozen stiff,
dead from a fentanyl fix.

In my despair

In moments of frailty

I render myself

Completely incompatible

In relation to others

Or so it seems

The length of time alone

A definitive impact

Not to mention

The blurred vision, hysteria

Or so it seems

With grace overshadowed

By pain and deformity

In a time where

Physical imperfections

Never go unnoticed

And kindness

Often does