Living Dead Paradox


As a child I never thought
I'd be alive in the year 2017

But is it living when the people around you
appear to be dead already?

Blood and Bone

Give my regards
to broads of the street
Disregard Wall street
Save yourself the agony
Save what little you have
Cut out the middleman
Hedge fund managers need
to be clipped, castrated
For to profit from others suffering
should not be tolerated
Yet slavery and debt
built these metropolitan tombs
built an avarice nation
built upon the backs
of the native people
Swindled into servitude
Stripped of culture
A nation built
on blood and bone
by debt through loan
by all of it

Hot Revenge


My revenge wasn't served cold.

It was quite warm in fact.
From my scrotum
to my penis it came.

And once it left the shaft
and found oxygen, like fire
it seemed to spread everywhere.

A dreadful sight I'm sure,
pants to my ankles, ball-sweat soaking
into the office chairs seat cushion

and my unborn liquefied children
lie everywhere like remnants
of a white phosphorus grenade.

and for the first time
in a long time

I felt good.

Left to Chance

A world left to uncertainty
left to chance
seems a fine place to start
in one's search
for a better way
The preplanned, preformatted
and prepackaged program
they've sold us
has proven to contain
too many holes
filled with shit
like cold patch on forgotten streets
Temporal repairs
for temporary problem solvers
failing the world unknowingly
day by day perpetuating
stale cycles passed down
through dark centuries
since mankind attempted
conquering the Earth
though forewarned
by many tribes
an impossible feat
they'll never stop trying

Technological Traps

I too used to believe 
in advancements and progression
now a Luddite leaning
toward simplicity
For rebellion's no longer in style
all fashionably clone
in appearance, opinion, even art
as many artists no longer express
but recreate fads
for monetary gain

Certain aspects of this are cyclical
as historical records show
but the digital dark age 
promotes gluttony and 
overfeeding the self, the ego

...and the once helping hands 
open to ideas
are but closed fists gripping shit
unwilling to share even that

Live and Don’t Try

Assimilation impossible
gave up many years ago
Never managed to acquire
that skill in all these years
Now accustomed
I cherish my role as an outcast
It's not a reprisal
I've held this position
from the day I was born
into this incarnation
There was no blending
though I do enjoy blended whiskies
on occasion and
I've no chameleon or
shape shifting abilities
I find it better to stand out
like a sore thumb
than always pointing
in the wrong direction

So I wave goodbye to trying

Word. Spirit. Power

Some assume I write
from a dark place or
find my words bear the sting
of negativity, a tinge
of the dark side.
But only in regards
to the affairs of men
does my positive outlook
come into question.
For when I bask
in the rays of the Sun
countless hours will disintegrate
like those unnerving wasted thoughts
upon the follies of man
that fade into nothingness
as if they'd never existed