In my despair

In moments of frailty

I render myself

Completely incompatible

In relation to others

Or so it seems

The length of time alone

A definitive impact

Not to mention

The blurred vision, hysteria

Or so it seems

With grace overshadowed

By pain and deformity

In a time where

Physical imperfections

Never go unnoticed

And kindness

Often does



Spies in a Fiberglass Slave Ship

Didn't see any wolves
while in London, confident

Same wolves run aground
every continent

Bankrupt the people
Staged uncivil war

Same claw hammers
the nails on your cross, coffin

Tearing the familiar
flesh of all freedoms

Same ancestral agonies
return to form

Drunk on the marrow
From the bone of our Constitution

Mortar for the bricks
in the socialist wall

Welcome Oblivion

Seems to me that
most people would rather complain
than solve their respective problems
in this country.
They need something to boast 
or whine about
on their multiple social networks, 
but don't offer solutions,
just acknowledge your awareness
of their great dilemma.
There can be no way
you'll understand their situation
in their arrogant mind,
it's all about them.
The world is against them alone,
though they live (or attempt to)
just like all of the other sheep
awaiting orders, commands
to be herded 
with the rest of the followers and
if they can afford current fashion
you won't even tell them apart.

Now, one of my last few friends
stopped talking to me,
For when he complained
and I gave my advice
it countered what he thought
to be true
and now our friendship seems false.

I've grown accustomed to loss
being born lost,
so I don't really give a damn.

Don't ask why I keep to myself.

3000 Doses and Human Teeth

That's what the man held in his hands
as he nonchalantly entered the supermarket 

and another headline read
"Man posing as cop busted by cop, cops say"

and female school teachers 
are fucking teen students
and overstimulated students
are fucking a world
of diminishing intelligence 
and government-run media
is fucking us all
with pharmaceutical ads,
divisive televised programs
and forced tainted vaccinations
to narcotize the gullible populace

Now abrasions scar the backs
of surviving truthtellers
and yea-sayers 

and he nonchalantly entered the supermarket
with 3000 doses of heroin and human teeth

Seems the world I knew
is dead and gone the poor fellow lying
somewhere devoid of teeth


I've certainly had my fair share
of run-ins with the law,
but luckily I've evaded 
the federal prison system thus far.

For a wise man told me
that if ever locked up
doing hard time
and you return to your cell one day
to find a piece of candy 
lying on your bunk
discard it! toss it on the floor.

Whatever you do
don't put it in your mouth

or the man who left it there
will put something in your ass

Four Alarm Firefly

A stranger assimilating in daylight
I don't recognize my home
Only seven years gone and
the place resembles a commercial
for an online dating site
Dry and soulless

So I sip star-dust and stare
through the splintered pane
into the night noir
within the warm embrace
of thy blue electric blanket
for lack of a female body

Unleash the Hound!


"King Priam was first to note him as he scoured the plain,
all radiant as the star which men call Orion's Hound,
and whose beams blaze forth in time of harvest more brilliantly
than those of any other that shines by night; brightest 
of them all though he be, he yet bodes ill for mortals,
for he brings fire and fever in his train-
even so did Achilles' armor gleam on his breast
as he sped onwards."

Homer- The Iliad; Book XXII

Deaf to the growls 
of Orion's Hound, we prey
for extinction, we pray
for distinction, in a world
acting for so long
chameleons colored mannequin
and man's a double-crossing snake
slithering through salted cracks
in someone else's nightmare
unable to awaken, choking
red dust and debris knee-deep
a world dead on their feet
still asleep